Getting Started - ON HIATUS 2019/2020

The Vocational Nursing program is currently undergoing curriculum review and will be on hiatus for the 2019/2020 semesters. We will not be accepting any VN applications during this time. Please check back on the website in Fall 2019 for updates and changes. 

Applicants must complete a Santa Rosa Junior College Application for Admission to SRJC. For information visit and click Getting Started. 

In addition there is a separate application to the Vocational Nursing Program that must be submitted during the VN application period. The Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) requires that all applicants include the following information with the application: 

  • Proof of Social Security Number. International Students are strongly encouraged to contact the office of International Students for assistance in obtaining a social security number. 
  • Official college transcripts from all colleges attended, including SRJC, showing proof of completion of pre-requisites. These transcripts are kept on file in the Health Sciences Office and 
  • Proof of a high school diploma or equivalency (GED or college degree) – high school transcript showing grade of graduation or copy of diploma. 
  • Graduates of high schools outside the U.S. must have their high school transcripts evaluated and submit documentation attesting the transcript is equivalent to U.S. standards for high school graduation. 


Fall 2019 semester admissions - 

  • The Vocational Nursing program is not accepting applications at this time. Please check back on the website in Fall 2019 for updates and changes.



  1. Must have social security number which is required for clinical agencies, background clearance and BVNPT requirements for licensure. Suggest getting a social security number prior to starting pre-requisites. International Students are strongly encouraged to contact the office of International Students for assistance to obtain a social security number.
  2. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. 
  3. Proof of High school graduation OR equivalent (GED) OR College degree – Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate. Graduates of high schools outside the U.S. must have their transcripts evaluated, declared equivalent to U.S. standards and submitted in writing with application.
  4. Students on academic probation or progress probation (overall GPA below 2.0) are NOT eligible for admission to this program. Students are encouraged to contact the Counseling Department to inquire about the process of removal of academic/progress probation. Call: 707-527-4451 for an appointment with counseling.  
  5. Ability to communicate clearly in verbal and written English. English 1A level is recommended. Eligibility for English 1A is required. 
  6. Math computation skills for medication administration. A medication calculation and safety exam must be passed each semester with a score of 90% or better. Eligibility for Math 150 A (elementary algebra) is required. 
  7. Ability to use computer, internet, scanning of documents and uploading to a website, viewing and printing of Adobe and PowerPoint presentations, e-mail skills to include sending attachments. 
  8. Critical thinking, problem solving, written and verbal communication skills to include communicating with clients with psychological disorders. See English, Psych, and Speech pre-requisites. 
  9. Applicants having no prior experience in health-care settings are encouraged to enroll in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course prior to entry. These courses will provide the applicant with a mechanism for exposure to a nursing career and an introduction to hands-on client care. 

Complete prerequisites

All pre-requisites need to be completed by the end of the application period. See Certificates or Major web pages and VN Program Requirements for details and lists of pre-requisite and co-requisite courses. It is highly recommended that students pursue the VN major for upward mobility in their education and career. A health science counselor can guide the student in making the GE course choices for the VN major (call for appointment: 707-527-4451). 

It is strongly recommended that applicants take prior to entry into the VN Program: 

  • CSKLS 100 - Skills for Medication Administration 
  • NRA 51.1 - Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide 
  • HLC 160 - Medical Terminology 
  • PHARM 255 - Comprehensive Pharmacology Update (can also be taken concurrent with NRV 51 in the first semester of the VN program) – an online course 
  • PHARM 256.1 – Advanced Pharmacology Update (can also be taken concurrent with NRV 53 in the third semester of the VN program) – an online course 
  • CSKLS 344 - How to Take an Online Course - recommended taking before taking PHARM 255/256.1


We highly recommend that the student meet with a Health Science counselor. Counselors are prepared to share important information related to program requirements, increased student success and helpful hints for upward career mobility. See counselors’ web page at  After meeting with a Health Sciences counselor, for any further questions, contact the Health Sciences office at (707) 527-4272.


Selection Process

If there are more students than seats in the program, a random computerized selection process (lottery) will be used to determine placement. All qualified applicants are assigned a random number per the State Chancellors’ guidelines. Eligible applicants who are selected by random number, will be provisionally accepted into the program, or placed on an alternate list. Random selection of qualified applicants not selected will be assigned a rank number as an alternate. Due to many reasons, the program often uses many qualified candidates from the alternate list for admission. Once class begins, alternate status is closed and applicants must reapply for a future class. There is no wait list for future classes.


Acceptance Notification

Notification of acceptance, alternate status or denial of acceptance will occur approximately 12 weeks following the application deadline. Notification will occur via e-mail. With the e-mail notice, the student will be provided with information that must be completed prior to the orientation: health requirements, CPR certification, background screening/drug testing/fingerprinting. The accepted or alternate applicant will also receive information about a mandatory all day (8 am to 5 pm) new VN student orientation session usually held during the last weeks of the semester preceding entry into the VN program. All health requirements and background screening and drug testing must be clear and complete prior to orientation. Students who do not submit health, CPR and background deadline prior to orientation will lose their spot to the next qualified alternate on the list. At orientation, class schedules, textbooks, skills lab packs, uniforms needed and any other items needed to start the VN program are discussed. Alternates are encouraged to attend the mandatory VN orientation as many alternates have been accepted in the past. All applicants must ensure that a current e-mail address, telephone number and mailing address are on file with the VN Program to receive the e-mail notification and to meet the specified deadlines in the notification e-mail for accepted and alternate status applicants. Failure to meet program deadlines on time will result in the position going to the next qualified alternate on the list.